Welcome to Bar & Bistro Monroe in the South of Antwerp. The Gentplaats is located on the border of the Old and the New South, which was the inspiration for the food & drinks, but also for the design. […]



It has been over a year with nothing but COVID woes, but now, the hospitality business revives. Bars and restaurants rise from their ashes after they took a long and difficult path of involuntary closures, take-away alternatives or being open for business NOT as usual. […]

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Black Smoke | 2016

Black Smoke, a barbecue restaurant with rooftop bar, opened its doors on 11 November, 2016. The initiators of this smokey concept found their inspiration during a road trip through the United States. Think: American barbecue methods, richly flavoured with a European sauce. Think: fine slices of meat, grilled, cured or cooked according to the [...]

Black Smoke | 20162017-01-27T09:13:37+01:00

The Dirty Rabbit | 2015

On October 22nd The Dirty Rabbit opens its doors (well, one huge metal door anyway) in the Zuid neighbourhood of Antwerp. Not your average café, but a rugged bar where you can enjoy top cocktails, craft beer and nice wines. The atmosphere is relaxed in the week, but things can get quite out of hand [...]

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Restaurant & Bar Josephine’s Antwerpen | 2010

In the Zuid neighbourhood of Antwerp, a vintage chic restaurant springs up, designed by Kurt Hereygers of Not Before Ten. The new restaurant is named Josephine's, after the French-American dancer and singer Josephine Baker. With an exclusively second-hand interior and a Dry Martini Bar, Josephine's is warm, stylish and hyper classical. On Jazzy Thursday, you [...]

Restaurant & Bar Josephine’s Antwerpen | 20102022-07-27T13:58:37+02:00

Chilli Club Bremen | 2010

Built alongside the river and based on the same principles as Chilli Club Hamburg, the Bremen Branch of Chilli Club opens its doors in June 2010. Its relaxed attitude and 350 river view seats make it the perfect spot to close off your busy working week.   Think big: taking up 1000 m² of space, [...]

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Stuart Catering | 2008

Stuart Catering is brought to life in 2008, as a reaction to the often-heard customer question to recreate the look and feel of our restaurants and bars on location.

Stuart Catering | 20082022-07-27T13:58:52+02:00

Wok & Tandoor | 2006

After a full restyling, Wok & Tandoor opens its doors in 2006. It was a beautiful restaurant with a private dining basement where you could dine in small groups.  As the name suggested, Wok & Tandoor specialized in wok dishes and meals made with the tandoor and shahi grill. The principle? All you can eat [...]

Wok & Tandoor | 20062022-07-27T13:58:58+02:00

Chilli Club Hamburg | 2005

Chilli Club Hafencity in Hamburg opens up in 2005. The first German Chilli Club provides a full-on food experience with its sushi bar, variety of Asian dishes, cocktail bar, lounge area and a big terrace besides the water. A complete concept!   Chilli Club Hafencity offers about 100 seats in the restaurant. On top of [...]

Chilli Club Hamburg | 20052022-07-27T13:59:07+02:00

Absinthbar | 2004

A bit naughty, opening a place like the Absinthbar at a time when absinth is illegal in Belgium. It's 2004 and the owners look at this prohibition as the perfect challenge to go ahead and do it anyway. Thus, the menu contains absinth aplenty with a whole slew of special cocktails besides that, and a [...]

Absinthbar | 20042022-07-27T13:59:13+02:00
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