Chilli Club Antwerpen | 2001

Heavy stuff, that Chilli Club. This modern brasserie swings open its doors in 2001, adapts typically Asian cuisine to fit a contemporary plate and puts these innovative dishes (and itself with it) on the map. Unlike traditional Chinese restaurants and their rice tables, the Chilli Club also offered its customers three course dinners, among many [...]

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Wok A Way Antwerpen | 1999

In 1999 the busy and popular shopping street Groendalstraat becomes the scenery for Wok A Way Antwerp, essentially one of the first 'fast casual' restaurant concepts in a prime location. Its success is spectacular, with long lines of people queuing outside to admire the work of our speedy chefs live. The business gets a makeover [...]

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De Wok en ´t Tafeldier | 1997

The year is 1997 and the Antwerp public gets the scoop of a unique eating culture: East meets West. Guests can make their own selection from 40 fresh ingredients and have it prepared then and there by an Asian wok chef with sauce and herbs of their choosing. De Wok en 't Tafeldier was the [...]

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