Heavy stuff, that Chilli Club. This modern brasserie swings open its doors in 2001, adapts typically Asian cuisine to fit a contemporary plate and puts these innovative dishes (and itself with it) on the map. Unlike traditional Chinese restaurants and their rice tables, the Chilli Club also offered its customers three course dinners, among many other things. A brasserie unique in its kind, with loads of fun and spicy details! The Scoville unit scaling, kiss-your-ass-goodbye oil and chili table lights, meant to summon the staff, quickly paved the way for a large herd of fans. The Chilli Club, including the hot shop, served as a prototype for the German model that was built a bit later in 2005. A trendsetter!


The restaurant capacity reached a number of up to 60 people, both inside and on the terrace.


No more than a year after the opening of the Chilli Club, the Leaders Club rewarded it with the Golden Palm, thereby endorsing it with the title of best restaurant concept in Belgium and France. Kasper Stuart’s own cooking book hits the shelves in 2005. The book explores his personal experiences and his combination of a modern cooking style with wok and Asian tapas.