For the second and last time we set up Summer Josephine’s at the Stadsbrouwerij De Koninck’s storage depot. Given that our 2014 event had attracted so much attention, we felt confident that we could transform the park into a magical place yet again. Visitors could try all sorts of foods and drinks, while enjoying the music and pretty much unique atmosphere in the middle of the bustling city centre. Once again our bar & restaurant at the sunlit courtyard proved to be a great success. Sitting in the shade of a tree visitors enjoyed a refreshing beer and summer cocktail or sank their teeth into some of the finest tapas from around the world.

Notwithstanding 2014’s great success, we had changed some practical details. This year, for instance, we set up a central trailer where people could buy drink vouchers and order food. During busy periods we opened the Bottle Bar, which allowed us to serve customers more quickly. Indeed, the creative team had a lot of fun addressing all kinds of important details, such as the kids play area, the inner space of the hangar, and the Monkey Business Bar – which really was something special!

A lot of fun activities were scheduled, alongside some great music, DJ’s and so much more.