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Smokey Jo’s Cantina | 2017

Think beach! Loads of sand. Burritos … tacos … and cocktails. And you don’t even have to book that flight to the Caribbean. De Koninck Brewery’s former warehouse was converted into an urban Mexican-Californian summer bar for the occasion. It has now become a city beach in Bahia-atmosphere, where beer crates had to make [...]

Smokey Jo’s Cantina | 20172022-07-27T13:56:30+02:00

Smokey Jo’s Garage | 2016

The summer of 2016… a summer to remember, we’d say, as Smokey Jo’s spread a bouquet of color and delicious aromas all over City Brewery De Koninck’s yard. And by all means, you can take that last part quite literally. Call it a demented food garage, or think of an American road movie full of [...]

Smokey Jo’s Garage | 20162022-07-27T13:57:30+02:00

Summer Josephine`s | 2015

For the second and last time we set up Summer Josephine’s at the Stadsbrouwerij De Koninck’s storage depot. Given that our 2014 event had attracted so much attention, we felt confident that we could transform the park into a magical place yet again. Visitors could try all sorts of foods and drinks, while enjoying the music and pretty [...]

Summer Josephine`s | 20152022-07-27T13:57:47+02:00

Summer Josephine´s | 2014

A good glass of beer and some tasty tapas. Or just a tad more perhaps? Glorious dining, specialty thirst quenchers, sultry music and a unique atmosphere in the urban park: that was Summer Josephine's. This restaurant-and-bar combo was rebuilt on the storage facilities of City Brewery De Koninck in 2014 and 2015. With graffiti, [...]

Summer Josephine´s | 20142022-07-27T13:57:55+02:00

Boom Boom Burger Room | 2013

During two days at the Venuez Bar Show in 2013 a vintage burger room was designed by PureSang. More than 1200 gourmet burgers were served amazingly fast by our team in an absolutely gorgeous setting.

Boom Boom Burger Room | 20132022-07-27T13:58:05+02:00

PIKNIK | 2012

For the Venuez Bar Show in 2012 a genuine picnic spot was furnished, providing healthy sandwiches and soup. For two days, the fluorescent table was the most-visited spot at the Bar Show to sit at for meetings, snacks or even as a real flexible working corner. Design by Not Before Ten. [...]

PIKNIK | 20122022-07-27T13:58:12+02:00

Lucille | 2012

During two days at the Venuez Bar Show in 2012 the 'vintage chic fine dining' restaurant Lucille was furnished by Not Before Ten. An ideal little place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the trade show.

Lucille | 20122022-07-27T13:58:22+02:00

Stübe | 2011

A cosy drink with friends, a warm wintery meal or even a Swiss fondue: Stübe, a pop-up hospitality concept at the Waagnatie, is a genuine Antwerp hotspot during 8 weeks in the winter of 2011-2012! This wintery variant is a design by Kurt Herygers of Not Before Ten!

Stübe | 20112022-07-27T13:58:29+02:00

Stuart Catering | 2008

Stuart Catering is brought to life in 2008, as a reaction to the often-heard customer question to recreate the look and feel of our restaurants and bars on location.

Stuart Catering | 20082022-07-27T13:58:52+02:00
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